Circles (Absent Re-step) Krystle Warren – Free Ipod and Mp3 Downloads

April 24th, 2014 7 comments

Rework of the song “Circles” by Krystle Warren Free download on: Iphone/pod formatted video:…
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free ipod songs downloads?

April 24th, 2014 No comments

Question by kim94: free ipod songs downloads?
my ipod is the 4th gen. ipod nano, but I can’t get all the songs i want! :P
i don’t like itunes.. i’ve tried limewire, imesh, and emule…but no i don’t like it…and somehow imesh won’t even recognize my ipod..:( and itunes would turn on instead..
any free sites where it’s quick to download songs and transfer it to my ipod?
please help! xx

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Answer by Kamyar
I would recommend Media Monkey it works with Ipod and it supports all popular formats go to this website to download it
Their is a free and a pay version on the site so check that your downloading the free version not the 30-day trial. Good Luck! Also try youtube downloader to download free songs off youtube go to to download that but make sure you transfer it into ipod format using the downloader so it will work and if you want to know how to do that read the review and video on that website i put their.

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I wanna know whats on your ipod! Make sure you leave your video in the video response! ♡ Lets be friends! ♡ Vine- Search Mahogany Twitter-…

Download songs from limewire to iPod?

April 22nd, 2014 1 comment

Question by Nicki: Download songs from limewire to iPod?
Ok so i have to songs that i want to go onto my iPod from lime wire i just don’t know how to put them on there. The lady at best buy said this was the best way but i need help putting them on! all answers are appreciated

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Answer by Lonewolf
Did the lady at best buy also tell you that this is illegal?

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How do I download music to an IPOD?

April 21st, 2014 3 comments

Question by The”G”man: How do I download music to an IPOD?
I have a JPEG full of music and I am trying to download or transpher them to my IPOD, but they are not their. What am I doing wrong?

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Answer by jencaniglio
Are you going through ITunes. I pull up itunes and my music list on the same screen and click my music list and drag it to the ipod screen then plug in my ipod and itunes sync’s the ipod with their site.

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Can you download unpurchased music to iPod ?

April 21st, 2014 No comments

Question by : Can you download unpurchased music to iPod ?
On my iPod I have unpurchased music. Can you download unpurchased music from another computer too, without restoring it. Can you do this if you don’t back it up.? Help..

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Answer by Katrina
download this application called copytrans and find your music on 4shared or something and its pretty easy to use

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Why wont my frostwire songs download to my ipod touch?

April 20th, 2014 No comments

Question by Michi3:-): Why wont my frostwire songs download to my ipod touch?
So I’m having a problem. My ipod touch wont allow songs that i got on frostwire go in my ipod touch. I have been using my sisters itunes to put songs on my ipod touch for a while now but i wanted to use my own computer to get me songs in my ipod touch but it wont let me. There is an exclamation mark next to the frostwire songs in my library. When i put the music to download it says that the songs werent able to. Please give a step by step answer to this problem. HELP!!!!!!
p.s. i have the 3rd generation ipod touch.

Best answer:

Answer by Chef Kimi
It shouldn’t be because they are from frost wire, because NOT a single song on my iPhone or iPod touch is from iTunes! The only real difference is you won’t get the album art and some of the songs won’t be listed under the artist or song sometimes, but still searchable, and still on the iPod.

So first off, when you put songs from one iTunes application to a new one (different computers) you should know it will erase all the music on the iPod that is already there, so make sure you are prepared to do this. Make sure you have the most current version of iTunes.

Now, make sure all the songs you want to download are in .MP3 format, and not .Wav, or . Midi files.

iTunes has its own music file saved on your computer under the iTunes folder under Program Files under My Computer, it is automatically created when you download iTunes. Frost wire also does this, but it is usually called the “shared” folder not “music”.

Open your music library folders, and open the music iTunes folder, transfer all the songs to the iTunes music folder, if you have a lot of songs it will take a few minutes. Once you do that open iTunes on your computer or just connect the iPod and it will open it for you.

If your iPod has never been hooked up to that computer it will tell you about deleting all music from the iPod, press ok, and your iPod will be wiped clean, please cancel and your iPod will disconnect and refrain from using that computer until you connect it again.

In iTunes go to File, then click on add file to library, then find the iTunes music folder and click open.
(It should automatically do this, but sometimes it doesn’t and you will have to do it this way) Every time you add new music files to that folder you will have to repeat this step so that all the NEW items transfer to your iTunes library. Then click sync iPod and it will load the songs on for you!

If this does NOT work, and says some or all songs will not load it is NOT because they are from frost wire, it could be the files are corrupted. This happened to me with a few songs, but not the entire library! Good luck! Also note you will NOT have the album art, and some songs will be listed as “unknown artist” but they will still show up in your iPod song list just not the artist list.

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